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Los Angeles, CA

Life Purpose Society To Add
Affiliates In 45 Countries

In a major marketing expansion for its proprietary self-improvement program, the web based Life Purpose Society is adding local affiliates throughout the U.S. and Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa to administer its popular 30-minute life purpose program on a face-to-face local level.

Local affiliates will be immediately certified to administer the Life Purpose Program in their local area. Each local affiliate gets to set their own fee for administering the program and keeps all fees generated; there are no commissions, no royalties to pay.

According to founder Andrew Lawrence, "We are looking for spiritually oriented men and women who would like to earn money doing something worthwhile. Online we've reached people in over 45 countries but there are still tens of millions of men and women throughout the world who could benefit from our program and we'll just never reach them via the internet only. Our local affiliate program is designed to fill that gap."

Professionals are also invited to become local affiliates as well; life coaches, career counselors, consultants, therapists, MSW's, alternative health practitioners, spiritual advisors, spiritual administrators, spiritual leaders, etc.

"... Our program is an ideal add-on service, extra income opportunity or even a new part-time or full-time career. No experience is required to become a local affiliate and local affiliates are being approved and equipped quickly, so they can get started right away, help men and women in their community who want to improve their life, and earn money doing something worthwhile."

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