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Alt. Purpose Driven Life


Maya Pinion

Want to find your true life purpose?  If you want an alternative to the overly religious, overly zealous evangelical driven book, The Purpose Driven Life, by Reverend Rick Warren ...  try  the Life Purpose Program.

For those who really want to find out what their unique and special purpose in life actually is, rather than accept that the sole purpose of one's life is simply to "serve God",  this quick and easy non-religious program is now available online.

By the way, yes I did read The Purpose Driven Life and thought it offensive (the author seems to be against all other self-help programs except his), misguided, one-sided, troublingly religious and overall found it to be a propagandizing work which appeals mainly to the devout evangelical Christian community.  What about the other 7 billion people on the planet who have different beliefs ... have they no life purpose?

As a fair and balanced alternative - designed to help every man or woman uncover their unique and special purpose in life, regardless of race, religion or sexual preference -  you might want to consider the popular Life Purpose Program, available worldwide and online, from the Life Purpose Society.

Maya Pinion is a freelance writer and contributing editor for News4Net.