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Help Andrew Walk Again

Andrew Lawrence, of Los Angeles, California, is 62-years young and enjoys life and people. He used to enjoy sports, travel and the ability to walk. Now, he has PAD, peripheral artery disease, and he can no longer walk well or walk more than a block.

Doctors examined Andrew and told him he has a blocked artery near his left knee and needs an operation to restore the use of his left leg. The vascular surgeon told him that the operation should allow Andrew to walk again, to regain his mobility and his quality of life.

The operation will cost $10,000. Andrew cannot afford the $10,000 operation. Even though he has medical insurance it carries a high premium deductible and also will not cover all the hospital and surgical costs.

If he doesn't have the operation he will not walk again. Andrew wants to walk again.

He needs money for the operation. If you would like to help Andrew walk again you can make a donation at

A personal note to all donors from Andrew ...

Dear donors,

Thank you very much for your generous donation to help me walk again. Your donation will help me get my life back, for which I will be so very grateful.

May God bless you and keep you in good health.
Best wishes,