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Website Explodes

Los Angeles, CA - The cyberspace search for enlightenment is booming. Men and woman everywhere are actively using the internet as a cool hi-tech tool for exploring and evolving their inner self. The Life Purpose Society reports a recent explosion of visitors from over 30 countries for its online life purpose progam. Visitors to the site speak 27 different languages and access the site from such places as the U.S., Canada, Brazil, U.K., France, Germany, Sweden, Australia, India, Russia, Turkey, China, Japan, Thailand, Egypt, Israel, South Africa, Namibia and other places large and small around the globe.

What caused this website explosion? According to Andrew Lawrence, founder of the society, "Most people find us through google and other search engines. It seems that people throughout the world are interested in finding their life purpose". He states further, "Everyone in the world has a unique life purpose; something special you are supposed to do in life. We help you find out what it is."

So whoever you are or wherever you live - be it New York or London or Outer Mongolia - if you can gain access to the internet you can gain access to an ever-expanding universe of self-help information and spiritual knowledge. Today, in the globally connected 21st century, you can find practically everything on the internet. Even your life purpose.

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Andrew Lawrence
Life Purpose Society
Los Angeles, CA


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