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Top 5 life purpose websites, programs, books reviewed

Here are reviews of the Top 5 websites, programs and books that offer to help you find your life role (life purpose).....

Purpose-Driven Life
best selling book by an evangelical Christian minister in Orange County, California that zealously insists that your life purpose is to serve God ... as a Christian. What about the 5 billion non-christians on the planet; don't they get to have a life purpose? list price $19.99

Life Purpose Institute
their website says their life purpose exercises normally take from several hours to 4-6 "sessions". Sessions appear to be available in person, by phone, or online. You have to contact them for prices. Does that mean cost could be hundreds of dollars or higher?

offers a 30 day program, with life purpose workbook; apparently you still have to do a lot of the work. $12

Life Purpose Society
popular program offered by the Life Purpose Society which can uncover your own unique and special life purpose ... in about 30 minutes. Their program does the work for you and you can do the program online or download it and do it at your convenience. Program is valued at $40; they often make it available on special promotion for around $20.

Silva UltraMind System
Though they promote finding your life purpose they seem to offer a 2-day seminar or home study course teaching you mainly how to meditate and visualize. You have to submit your email address to get info but seminars appear to cost $400 and up, home study course $109-$129

There are various other life purpose related coaching methods and seminars available via telephone, classes, etc. Prices generally not given but we assume a minimum of $50/hr