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Lifestyles Of The
Rich and Fashionable


Marilyn Glass

Maintaining a high-profile fashionable lifestyle takes time, effort and money. Striving to get, and maintain, a designer body and a designer face to go with a designer lifestlye requires time and effort for frequent visits to/from an upscale spa, hair salon, dentist, personal trainer, dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon, etc. And a fashionable lifestyle requires shopping. Lots of shopping. And shopping requires money. Lots of money.

Whether you yourself are wealthy, or the wife of a wealthy man, to sustain the complicated and expensive lifestyle of the rich and fashionable requires time, effort and money.

Like it or not, you are high maintainence. Unlike a man, who can wear the same or similar suit or tux to every function (for a new look he just changes his tie), for every function you attend you must always appear in a different, highly fashionable and expensive designer dress or gown, with fashionable and expensive accessories such as jewelry, shoes and handbag. This requires a large and ever expanding wardrobe.

And therein may lie a problem.

Due to inflation, compared to just a short time ago, women today have to spend more money just to maintain the same lifestyle. According to citibankonline, $100,000 in just the past 5 years (at 4% inflation per year) buys only $82,000 worth of things today. 18% LESS.

And, in the past 10 years, at 4% annual inflation, that original $100,000 will only buy $67,000 worth of things today. 33% LESS!

And the prices of luxury items such as designer fashions and accessories can easily increase much more than the rate of inflation. To put it another way, to have the same lifestyle you had 5 years ago you need at least 20% more spending money today.

That means, due to inflation, if you are spending the same amount on your wardrobe as you used to you are being forced to buy less, or, you may be totally using up your budget or even running out of money way before your bank account is being automatically replenished.

That means, due to inflation, in order to maintain a lifestlye of the rich and fashionable you need a larger wardrobe budget ... just to stay even. That means, due to inflation, in order to maintain a lifestlye of the rich and fashionable you need a raise! That means, in order to maintain a lifestyle of the rich and fashionable whoever is controlling the purse strings needs to loosen them up ... and give you more spending money.

Marilyn Glass is a prominent worldwide high-end dealer in modern & vintage couture fashion, designer evening wear and entrance pieces. Based in Los Angeles she services the needs of rich and fashionable women around the world.

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