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Walk Or Don't Walk?

Andrew Lawrence, 62, of Los Angeles, California, can no longer walk.  Doctors found he has a blocked artery near his left knee and told him that, in order to be able to walk again, he needs an operation.

The operation will cost $10,000.  Andrew cannot afford the $10,000 operation. 

In America, there are 47 million people who do not have medical health insurance.  47 million men, women and children who, if faced with a serious illness or a medical emergency, cannot afford proper medical treatment.  Some will die.  Some will no longer be able to walk.

In America, affordable health care is an oxymoron.  In America, affordable health care is a myth.  In America, affordable health care is merely a politician's campaign promise.

In the meantime, Andrew Lawrence can no longer walk. Maybe we could at least help him.  If you would like to help Andrew go to  Help Andrew Walk Again