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Lifestyles Of The
Rich and Famous Wife


Maya Pinion

scenerio: wealthy man marries beautiful woman. In addition to the factors of love, marriage and family a beautiful wife is also more than just a status symbol, if she looks good he looks good and that's good for his business and family social standing. Just ask any wealthy man.

The beautiful wife of a wealthy man strives to look good. And, at this level, looking good costs money. Lots of money. The beautiful wife of a wealthy man has to spend a lot of money each month ... in order to sustain HIS lifestyle. In order to maintain his lifestyle she has to shop.

And therein lies the problem.

Behind the scenes the wife strives to keep fit, strives to keep young, strives to keep her beauty and weekly visits to a spa and hair salon are necessities of beauty. And she has to dress appropriately for upscale charity and social functions. She has to shop. And the clothing she must wear is very very expensive.

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